Patient Ombudsman will not be offering in-person ‘walk-in’ appointments until further notice.

Our service is still available by calling our central complaints phone line at 1.888.321.0339 or access our online complaint form.

Your experience matters to us.

COVID-19 questions and information

We appreciate your patience and effort in helping our office do our part to minimize risk and prevent exposure to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for all Ontarians.

Thank you,
Patient Ombudsman Team


Patient Ombudsman can also conduct investigations.

More complex complaints can be escalated to investigation.

Patient Ombudsman can also initiate an own motion investigation.  An own motion investigation can happen without a complaint from a patient or caregiver. This type of investigation is generally about a systemic issue or a serious problem that comes to our attention as the result of trends in complaints or a matter of high public interest.

Patient Ombudsman may choose to conduct an investigation if:

  • An early resolution wasn’t possible

  • There may be a dispute to some of the facts in the initial complaint

  • There is wider public interest in the issue

Out of our investigations we can make recommendations highlighting issues so they don’t keep happening to other patients & families.

Click here to read our investigation summaries

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